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Zateka Social Media User Information Protection Rules
1. General provisions
1.1. These rules for the protection of information of users of Zateka and determine the procedure for processing and protecting information about individuals using the social marketing tool Zateka, which offers the possibility of registering and/or authorizing the user in the services contained in the ZATEKA ecosystem, as well as to perform the functions of creating and maintaining a user account in the ZATEKA ecosystem:
1.2. The purpose of these rules is to ensure adequate protection of information about users of Zaketa’s social media marketing, including their personal data, against unauthorized access and disclosure.
1.3. Relationships related to the collection, storage, distribution, and protection of user information are governed by these rules, the privacy policies of services contained in the ZATEKA ecosystem, which specify the list of data processed. for a particular service contained in the ZATEKA ecosystem, including personal data, purposes, legal grounds for processing and other conditions (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Policies” and individually the “Policy”) and legislation in force of the Malawi government (Inherited from British system)
1.4. During registration, for each access or actual use of the Zateka Social Marketing tool, the User accepts the terms of these Rules as modified at the time of effective use of these Zateka Social Marketing Rules. These rules can be modified and/or supplemented by the Company unilaterally without notice. These rules are open and public documents. The current version of these rules is available at The Company recommends that Zateka Social Marketing users regularly check the terms of these rules for their modifications and/or additions. The continued use of Zateka Social Marketing by the user after making changes and/or additions to these rules means that the user accepts and consents to such changes and/or additions.
1.5. The Zaketa Social Marketing user has the right to refuse to accept changes and additions to these rules and/or policies of services contained in the ZATEKA ecosystem, which means that the user refuses to use all / or specific services contained in the ZATEKA ecosystem and denies any rights previously granted. If the user disagrees with the terms of these rules, the use of Zateka Social Marketing must be discontinued immediately.

2. Zateka Social Marketing Terms of Service
2.1. ZATEKA Connect is a key tool of ZATEKA Ecosystem, offering the possibility of registering and/or authorizing the user in the services contained in the ZATEKA ecosystem, as well as performing the functions of creation and maintenance of a user account in ZATEKA Ecosystem.
2.2. Offering the possibility of using Zateka Social Marketing, the Company, acting reasonably and in good faith, considers the User of Zateka Social Marketing:
2.2.1. has all the rights necessary to register and use Zateka Social Marketing;
2.2.2. indicate reliable information about himself in the framework necessary for the use of Zateka Social Marketing;
2.2.3. familiar with these rules expresses their consent to them and assumes the rights and obligations specified therein.
2.3. The Company does not verify the reliability of the information received (collected) from Users unless this verification is necessary to fulfill the obligations of the Company towards the user of the Zateka Social Marketing Platform.

3. Purposes of information processing
The Company processes information about Zateka Social Marketing users, including their personal data, to fulfill the Company’s obligations to users to provide the right to use Zateka Social Marketing under the terms of the User Agreement of ‘Zateka Social Marketing Platform, available at

4. Composition of user information
4.1. The composition of information on users of Zateka social marketing includes:
4.1.1. when filling out the Zateka registration form. Social marketing on a website at the address, the information indicated by the User and minimally necessary for registration on the ZATEKA Ecosystem: first name, last name, date of birth, sex, and phone number.