Terms of Use

To get started on Zateka one will need to create a free account that can be upgraded to Pro to have more functionalities. As already mentioned, Zateka is a web app meaning that it works via web browsers and on mobile Phones as a mobile App both Android and iOS. When one creates an account, his data will be saved on our cloud servers, and his credentials will be used to log in to his account, every user will be responsible to keep safe their login details to avoid privacy violations by malicious hackers.  After the creation of an account, one will be able to use any device that can go on the internet whether a phone or a computer anywhere in the world. When a user gets to the platform, they will be free to follow anyone and be followed, post, react to posts and comments as well as to participate in forums, buy, and sell on the market, invites friend using the affiliate link found in the setting area as many more. To be able to use other advanced aspects of the platform a user will be required to upgrade his account to a Pro account, we have several Pro plans which a user will be able to choose from depending on his needs. A normal user can only have up to 5000 followers, this number can increase at a request. Users will be able to create groups and pages. Groups can be private which will require admission at a request by the admin, groups can also be public meaning anyone can join them. Pages will have more functionalities, they will function like an artificial person, with all aspects of an individual account plus more like posting jobs and making offers. A page can be followed and followed by other pages and users.